About Us

Hello friends my name is Swami Jeevan Devmani. I am a Reiki Grandmaster.

Being a Reiki Grandmaster I heal people with various disorders of physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual nature and people trying to quit their addictions. This is all about my profession. Things I have to do to earn my bread and butter,

Personally I am an osho follower. Osho had been a revolution in my life.

Now I am a common man with uncommon interests. I do enjoy all worldly pleasures but I am not myself habitual to any of them. And I find this to be the biggest achievement of my life.

This Blog OSHO Zorba The Buddha Club meaning “Zorba” represents the materialist in its best form. “Buddha” represents the spritualist in its best form. but you are both, spirit and body. Existence is both, matter and consciousness.

Has been initiated to bring revolution in life of people.

I like to spread the message of Osho. His sayings and preachings but in my style.

I don’t believe in having blind faith in anything. I trust things only after examining them on my benchmarks or standards and same I suggest to all of you.

Do read this blog but follow if your conscious allows you.

You can find me on Google+ by the name of Swami Jeevan Devmani

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