OSHO On Religious Warfare

Tweet There has never been any peace. There have been only two periods in history: the period we know as war, and the period we call peace, which is a cover up – in reality it should be called preparation for another war. The whole history consists only of two things: war and preparation for […]

OSHO Quotation On revenge

Tweet “The one who forgives benefits as much as the one who is being forgiven.”     ― Osho More on revenge and forgiveness by OSHO

OSHO On Mystery of Darkness

Tweet “I have much to say about darkness, because nobody has taken notice of the mystery that darkness is. “Much has been said about light, almost nothing about darkness. But darkness is a much deeper phenomenon than light is. Light comes and goes – darkness remains; it never comes, it never goes. Light is not […]

OSHO Quote On Salvery

Tweet You are a slave of your own chemistry, you are a slave of your own physiology — and this slavery has to be Transcended OSHO

OSHO “Be — don’t try to become”


OSHO Meditating In Dawn

Tweet Deva means divine, and aruna means early morning, dawn… the sun is just going to rise, just before sunrise. Mm? the East becomes red but the sun is not yet on the horizon – it is coming; it is very imminent, just within a second it will be there but it is not there […]

OSHO Health Is Inside US

Tweet Try asking a medical practitioner what health is. It is very strange, but no doctor in the world can tell you what health is! With the whole of medical science concerned with health, isn’t there anyone who is able to say what health is? If you ask a doctor, he will say he can […]


Tweet I am in a beautiful relationship right now; everything is going so harmoniously between us. Love is always beautiful in the beginning because you don’t bring your destructive energies into it. In the beginning you bring your positive energies into it – both pool their energies positively, the thing goes simply fantastically. But then […]

OSHO 10 Quotes On Laughter

Tweet Laughter is not irreligious. Laughter is one of the most evolved phenomena in human life. No other animal can laugh, it is only man; it is only man who can laugh. To be serious is not only not to be alive, it is worse than death. Have you ever seen a dead person serious? […]

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