OSHO Stories Sufi mystic, Moinuddin Chishti


From OSHO’s Sufi tales;Its a very good meditation on arcane rituals  and rules.

You must have heard about one Sufi mystic, Moinuddin Chishti, whose dargah, whose tomb, is in Ajmer. Chishti was a great mystic, one of the greatest ever born, and he was a musician. To be a musician is to be against Islam because music is prohibited. He played on the sitar and on other instruments.

He was a great musician and he enjoyed it. That was his prayer. This was absolutely anti-religious as Music was haram in Islam but nobody could say anything to Chishti. Many times people would come to tell him so and he would start singing, and the song would be so beautiful they would forget completely why they had come.

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OSHO On Tension


Please talk about tension and relaxation. When I am alert, there is a subtle tension which I need to maintain this wakefulness. It winds me up like a spring and then I feel horrible. How can I stay awake without all this tension? How to find a stillness, though busy?

I will just tell a small anecdote.

One day a man from a small village in the mountains sees a tourist driving his car backwards up a narrow road towards the top of the mountain. The man stops him and says, “Why are you driving backwards?”
The tourist replies, “They told me that there is no room to turn a car around on top of the mountain.”
The man says, “I have lived here all my life. I know there is enough space to
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OSHO Wisdom Quotation


“Enter into your own being and others disappear. 
Then your morality is not a consideration for others, it is just an outpouring of your inner being. 
You are moral because you are happy that way. 
The morality is your poetry, your song. It is your fragrance.”

Osho – Quotes of Wisdom #osho

OSHO Seven Year Cycle Of Change


”It has to be explained to you that Gautam Buddha left his palace when he was twenty-nine years old. Jesus started his teachings when he was thirty years old; Zarathustra went into the mountains when he was thirty years old. There is something significant about the age of thirty, or nearabout, just as at the age of fourteen, one becomes sexually mature. If we take life as it has been taken traditionally, that it consists of seventy years… those who have watched life very deeply have found that every seven years, there is a change, a turning.”

Osho, Zarathustra: A God That Can Dance, Ch 1

OSHO Heart Is Just a Blood Pumping Station


Your Heart Is Just a Blood Pumping Station
“Your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your sentiments, all are centered in your head. It is just a fallacy to think that your feelings are in the heart. Your heart is just a blood pumping station.
“When we are talking about the empty heart, we are really talking about the empty mind. Buddha has used the word heart instead of mind because mind has become associated with the idea that it is only the process of thinking, and the process of feeling is in the heart, and the heart is deeper.
“These ideas have been created by the poets. But the truth is, you can call it empty mind or you can call it empty heart; it is the same. Emptiness – you are just a watcher and all around there is nothing with which you are identified, there is nothing to which you are clinging. This non-clinging watchfulness is the empty mind, no-mind, or empty heart. These are simply words. The real thing is emptiness – of all thoughts, feelings, sentiments, emotions. Only a single point of witnessing remains.”
Osho, The Buddha: The Emptiness of the Heart, Talk #8
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OSHO Silence Is Integral Part Of Music


To the ordinary musician the sound is important. To the master musician the silence is important: he uses sound only to create silence. He raises sound to a high pitch and then drops it so suddenly that you fall into a deep silence. In the East the classical music is absolutely devoted to meditation. It has not forgotten its origin. But the origin must have been thousands of years back. There is no written record about it, so whatever I am saying is according to my inner experience. I have felt it, that I use language also in the same way… words to create moments of wordlessness. Basically it is the same technique. So it is possible:
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Music for Meditation

Relaxation: Relaxing Nature Sounds and Tibetan Chakra Meditation Music for Relaxation Meditation

OSHO Death Is Awakening


A great swordsman, a great warrior, came back home and found that his servant was making love to his wife. According to custom, he challenged the servant — gave him a sword and told him to come out of the house and let it be decided; whoever remains alive will be the husband of the woman.
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Nirvana Of OSHO’s Secretary Ma Prem Hasya

Ma Prem Hasya with OSHO

Former secretary of Osho Ma Prem Hasya has left the immortal body on August 19 2014 in Hollywood, California because of unknown causes. May her soul rest in peace.

She was known as Francoise Ruddy before sannyas, was married to the Hollywood producer Albert S Ruddy famous for the movies “The Godfather” and “The Longest Yard” She became secretary of OSHO in Rajneeshpuram after Ma Anand Sheela.

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OSHO Yoga Is A Science


Yoga is a simple science. It is neither theistic nor atheistic. Patanjali really is superb, a miracle of a man. He never talks about God. And even if he mentions God once, then too he says it is just one of the methods to reach the ultimate; there is no God. To believe in God is just a technique, because through your believing in God prayer becomes possible; through your believing in God surrender becomes possible. The significance is of surrender and prayer, not of God.
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