Osho Zorba The Buddha Club

Osho Zorba the Buddha Club was founded on 12 April 2010 by Osho Lover and Sanyasi Swami Jeevan Devmani on the occasion of 12th Sanyas Anniversary and birth celebration in the world renowned City of Lakes Udaipur. At this centre a collection of Osho’s Meditative techniques, Osho literature, White and Maroon Robes (to be worn while meditating), CDs and DVDs of Osho’s audio-video discourses and many other artists of classical and contemporary music are kept for the visitors which can be purchased at a discounted price.

All Osho lover and followers can participate in active meditations like Dynamic every morning 6 to 7 and in evening they can enjoy Osho White Robe Brotherhood Meditation. On Sundays from8 am to 2 pm active and passive meditation techniques are taught and practiced along with audio-video discourses and few films about Osho’s life, teachings, preaching and his message to people so that newly joined people can have a better glimpse of the Osho.

In a very short span of time this centre has attracted many Osho lovers and Sanyasis from near and far, different corners of the country and globe to itself all because of purity, integrity and morals held high at this centre.

For the Sanyasis and Osho lovers visiting “Osho Zorba the Buddha Club” special arrangements are made for stay, meditation and appropriate meals.

To help the friends gain maximum from the meditation, experts of various alternative medical/healing therapies also come down to provide consultation about physical, emotional and mental disorders. Guidance for quitting unhealthy habits is also provided here. Reiki Grandmaster Swami Jeevan Devmani himself heals people from Osho Neo Reiki.

In future the Osho Zorba the Buddha Club will organize group meditation camps so that many and many osho lovers may come together and be benefited.

Swami Jeevan Devmani.

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Osho Zorba The Buddha Club

5 -Shiv Colony, Champa Vihar,

New Bhopalpura 100 Feet Road,

Near Hotel Royal Inn, Udaipur, (Rajasthan), India.

Contact No- 91-9352516130