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OSHO What Nanak Means By The Word Is Omkar

Tweet What¬†Nanak¬†means by the word is Omkar. As truthfulness fills your life, Omkar will begin to be molded within you, and you will be immersed in it. You harm others with lies, but the greater harm is that untruth prevents you from being the mint of truth where Omkar is molded, where the highest experience […]

Osho Prakash Meditation Center Udaipur.

In the year of 1976 Osho Prakash Meditation Center was founded in the Udaipur City by Swami Ved Tirth, Swami Pradyuman Bharti and Swam Dharma Rakshit. Osho himself sent Maa Anand Mridula to inaugurate the center and appreciate the Sanyasis