Unusual events while Osho is in his mother’s womb

Tweet My mother was just telling me yesterday…that when I was five months old in her womb, a miracle happened. She was going from my father’s house to her father’s house; and it was the rainy season. It is customary in India for the first child to be born at the maternal father’s home, so […]

The Mahaparinirvana Day

After Osho’s father, Swami Devateerth Bharti, dies enlightened on 8th Sept 1979, Osho creates an annual festival on 8th September, the Mahaparanirvana Day, to celebrate all sannyasins, past and future, who have died and will die.

Osho Know How To Live

Death is an organic, integral part of life, and it is very friendly to life. Without it life cannot exist. Life exists because of death; death gives the background.