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OSHO The Three Psychologies

Do not cling to life,” and this is easy to understand and follow. But he also says, “Do not lust for life.” Are we not to enjoy in the present all that nature has to offer us: food, love, beauty, sex, etc? And if this is so, is it not lust for life?

OSHO Film Festival Udaipur 2011

Tweet On the Occasion of the 80th Birth anniversary of Great Guru OSHO a series of Film Shows was organised in the Rajasthan State By Swami Atmo Ninad. . Throwing light on the ideology, life & times of the man of the Age OSHO. This one day film show was held in Udaipur on 28th […]

Osho Meditation Be Real

Preserve your energy for the moment when something real happens to you; then do it. Don’t smile, preserve the energy. The smile will come, and then it will change you completely. Then it will be total. Then every cell of your body will smile. Then it will be an explosion ― nothing painted.

OSHO Meditation Speediness

Even when there is no need to, I often hurry when I am doing things, especially eating.

Something is eating you: some deep worry is inside that creates hurry; some deep tension, which does not allow you to relax.