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Mahatma Bhuri Bai

Bhuri Bai was born in a family of Woodworkers lived in Nathdwara a town of spirituality. She visited Saint Chatur Singh ji and Saint Ram Singh ji at Udaipur and Kelwa respectively very often. the Acharya Rajneesh (OSHO) also visited her and quoted “बाई ने बिना शास्त्र पढ़े ही सत्य को जान लिया है ” Bai has realized the Truth without reading the Shastras.

It is believed that after starting spiritual practice Mahatma Bhuri Bai was enlightened in the year of 1927 and she realized the true self. She became a great devotee many religious people from all religions came to visit her this included Sufi Saint “Chalfir Shah” of Chittaurgarh, “Diwan Shah” from Kapasan and Yogini “Nuri” Bai.

Osho Know How To Live

Death is an organic, integral part of life, and it is very friendly to life. Without it life cannot exist. Life exists because of death; death gives the background.

OSHO To Change Your Thought Patterns

Whenever you feel any judgement, or whatever else the pattern might be — jealousy or greed, etc.

OSHO Only a tree that has lived wholly will flower.

My message is a new man, homo novus. The old concept of man was of either/or; materialist or spiritualist, moral or immoral, sinner or saint. It was based on division, split. It created a schizophrenic humanity. The whole past of humanity has been sick, unhealthy, insane. In three thousand years, five thousand wars have been fought. This is just utterly mad; it is unbelievable. It is stupid, unintelligent, inhuman.